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Avoid "Buddy Punching". Fingerprint authentication makes virtually impossible to perform time theft. Our solution will save you money permanently!
No more paper. Avoid the hassle of auditing paper-based time cards.
Improve punctuality. You will always know who is on time and who is late.
Quick an easy set up. Connect the fingerprint reader to any USB port of your    Windows™ PC machine.
Integrates with QuickBooks®. Import/Export information directly to QuickBooks®and eliminate double data entry.
Technical Support from your Own PC!
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Biometric Employee Time Clock 3.0 has been released!

Version 3.0 of VeriTask’s Biometric Employee Time Clock™ is now available, adding new features such as Network and Microsoft® SQL Server support, improved Reports, and the capability to export your payroll information directly to QuickBooks®.

Irving ,TX (PRWEB) January 17, 2006 –- Fingerprint, Bar-code, PIN support, Network compatibility and more detailed Reports, make Biometric Employee Punch Clock™ 2.0 a very powerful tool for accurate Time and Attendance Control.

Biometric Employee Time Clock™ is an affordable solution for small, mid-size and large companies. The use of fingerprints to identify each employee prevents time theft and avoids “buddy-punching," a factor that by itself could cost the company up to 10% of its total annual payroll. The associated expense of printing badges and auditing paper-based timesheets is also eliminated. Additionally, the solution saves time by reducing the necessity of modifying passwords or PINS when the employees forget them and provides Door Access Control, improving the security on each facility.

New and more detailed reports can be exported to several formats and will provide exact information about each employee. This new version also works with Quickbooks® Pro 2003-2006, turning the payroll process into a very simple one.

Biometric Employee Time Clock 2.0 also supports Microsoft® SQL Server 2000 Database, Interbase® Database, MySQL® Database and Oracle® Database, letting each company or HR Department manipulate their information as needed.

The complete solution that includes de Software and the Hardware (a powerful fingerprint scanner that can be connected to the USB port of any Windows®-based computer) starts at $ 399 USD.

For additional information please visit or contact the company directly. A downloadable 30-day demo of the software is available as well in the download section of the site.

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