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Testimonials about our Time Clock and Execution solutions
John Carson - Carson Trips
"Great Product"
Carol Chimera - Summit County Department of Environmental Services
" The software is easy to use and keeps our staff focused."
Joel Pat - JP
"Flexible, user friendly, gives a manager the type of monetary control they seek."
Allen Shih - Prompt Medical Care, LLC
" Employee Web Time Clock is completely web-based so all you need is an internet connection at each office location and the USB fingerprint reader."
Technical Support from your Own PC!
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    Reseller Program  
Would you like to resell the line of VeriTask products in your city, state or even country?

Do you:
  • Have your own business?
  • Have any experience with software/hardware products?
  • Want to sell and support VeriTask Software Products?
If you can answer yes to these questions, you are probably an ideal candidate to meet our reseller requirements.
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Interested in becoming a Reseller?

    Reseller Information  
Resell VeriTask Software Products
Reseller Program Requirements
  1. You should have essential knowledge of software installation and support.
  2. You should have essential knowledge of our line of products – or at least the products you would like to resell.
  3. You should have your own domain name and website.
  4. You should be able to support your customers.
Duties of Reseller
  1. Provide technical support to their customers.
  2. Present available VeriTask products on their web site (with at least one link to
  3. Sell VeriTask products.
Reseller’s Benefits
  1. You will receive payments directly from your customers.
  2. Your margin will be market leading - full details, once you sign up.
  3. You will have access to our reseller's site, which include POP materials, installation guides and all the necessary things so you can succeed!
Duties of VeriTask Software
  1. To allow all users to update from our Network of Internet servers.
  2. Responsibility for uploading of new versions (We maintain ALL download servers and update servers, resellers will not be permitted to host a copy of our software).
  3. List each partner on our Distributor/Reseller web page.
Please note:
  • If you are interested, please fill out the online application form, and read our Standard International Reseller Agreement.

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