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Improve Execution. Your team's ability to get their tasks done will improve dramatically.
Align your Team. Capture all the important details in a consistent and trusted system and share it with your co-workers.
Stop Procrastination. Tasks will not disappear until you are satisfied with the result.
Easy to use everywhere. Enhance the day-to-day dynamic work of teams in single and multiple locations.
Multi-language support. English, Spanish and German.
Technical Support from your Own PC!
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    Employee Task Chaser™ v1.2  
There is a growing realization these days that execution --the ability to get things done-- is the essential ingredient for business success. Not charisma, not leadership development, not strategic thinking skills, not even financial acumen; but the ability to create an organization that completes the task and delivers results.

A recent business magazine article states that the ability to foster execution in his or her organization is the foundation of a leader's success ("America's Most Admired Companies," Fortune Magazine, March 8, 2004). You may ask, "What can I do?" or "How can I improve the execution ability of my work team?" You can find this answer and begin developing your company into a success, with VeriTask's Employee Task Chaser™.

What is Employee Task Chaser?

Employee Task Chaser™ is a new collaboration and execution control software specifically designed for work teams. Employee Task Chaser™ registers every task assigned to employees and allows you to monitor each assignment until its conclusion. Co-workers will capture daily activities using a consistent process, creating a common inventory of all business tasks that must be accomplished. All information is updated instantly and accessible at any time from a computer with internet access.

When you want to assign a task, you: 1) open a new task; 2) describe the task; 3) assign a recipient for the task; and 4) set a dead line for completion of the task. With these simple steps, you are capturing an idea and communicating the desired outcome that will lead you to its timely execution.

Employee Task Chaser™ - Monitor Tour
1) These are the tasks that require an action from you. The reasons could be:
  • You are the chosen recipient for The task.
  • Is your turn to evaluate the result of a task you previously created. You can decide to close it or reject it.
  • A comment or attachment has been added to the task.
  • The recipient is asking for more time to complete the task.
2) These tasks are in hands of somebody else. Is not your turn but you can always review what is happening with them.
3) This is the Employee Task Chaser's New Task window. With this window you can:
  • Select the recipient of the task.
  • Write a subject and detailed description for the task.
  • You can specify the due date and due time for the task. Also you can set the amount of time that you think or would like the recipient to complete the task, just to compare expectations.
  • Ask for a result for the task. You can specify and integer value like "1", a decimal value like "1550.20", frees text like "1300 Walnut Hill Ln. Suite 220" or a file attachment.
  • You can select to have Employee Task Chaser notify someone when the task is completed, delayed or notify on both cases.
    Procrastinating with duties? No more!  

Unlike other communication systems, such as e-mail or to-do lists, Employee Task Chaser™ is chiefly focused on the execution process. An assigned task will not disappear from the monitor of the task's recipient, until the creator of the task is satisfied with the result. Moreover, the task will not disappear because of the arrival of new tasks (something that happens often with e-mail).

On screen alerts guarantee that no task will be forgotten and that timely action will be taken. The application assures every task will remain active until the task's creator closes them at his entire satisfaction.

With Employee Task chaser™ you will always be informed. You will always know! Configure each task individually to notify you or any other person you desire, when the task is completed or becomes delayed. Receiving email notifications instantly will ensure that you stay ahead of the game!

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