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    Frequently Asked Questions  
Here is a list of some of the Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Biometric Employee Punch Clock. If you have any further questions after reading this page, you can ask for technical support by visiting the Support Page.
  • How do I backup the DB info?

    To protect the database information when running Biometric Employee Punch Clock in STANDALONE mode, back up the file named BioPunchClock.MDB located in your installation directory.

    If you are running Biometric Employee Time Clock in network mode, the information is being stored in an external relational database. Use the backup features of your database to backup your information.

  • Does this program calculate payroll?

    Yes, Biometric Employee Time Clock calculates payroll including overtime.

  • Which hardware devices can I use with the software?

    At this time, the only supported devices are the Nitgen Finkey Hamster, Nitgen Finkey Optimouse, SecuGen Hamster III and SecuGen Optimouse. In the future, there may be access to additonal hardware readers. Microsoft® fingeprint reader is not supported. In fact, the Microsoft® fingerprint reader is not available for use with time and attendance solutions. It seems that the manufacturer of the reader has an agreement with Microsoft® not allowing its use for time and attendance systems.

  • Can I install this program on a network?

    Yes. Network installation is available with the Professional Version of Biometric Employee Time Clock. The Standard version does not support network operation.

    In order to install the Professional Version on a network, a supported Database Manager is also required. The application supports Microsoft® SQL Server 2000 or superior, Oracle® Database 8.0 or superior, Interbase® Database 6.0 or superior, and MySQL® Database 5.0 or superior. You will also need to install client portion of the chosen database to establish the connection properly.

    For detailed instructions using a relational database, please download our installation guides located in the downloads page.

  • Can customized modifications be made to the program?

    Yes, we will customize the program for individual users. Please contact the sales department for more information. See Contact Us.

  • The program is not accepting the fingerprint of a certain employee. What do I do?

    If the program is not accepting a fingerprint, you can do the following:
    1.- Re-register the employee fingerprint to get an updated sample.
    2.- Include more fingers in the sample. Scan at least both indexes in order to have alternate fingers to authenticate.

    3.- If the previous fails (believe it or not, there are rare cases when the person does not have fingeprints at all), you can always specify that only this employee will be allowed to use password for authentication.

  • Can I connect two (2) devices to the same computer?

    No, you are only able to use one scanning device per computer. However, you can setup multiple check stations in your network.

  • Does the computer where the application is installed need to be dedicated to BEPC?

    No, it could be the receptionist computer, and you can work with other applications between clock-ins and outs. You can also setup the system so the employees don’t need to access the computer: they will only need to place their finger on the reader for a moment, and the application will register a clock in or out as needed. The person who is using the computer will see a message displayed on screen for a few seconds, and then the application that was being used will be available again.

  • What happens if an employee forgets to clock in or out?

    The Administrator will need to record the clock in or out manually, using the Edit Employee Time option. The application does not perform automatic clock outs at midnight or at any time. If an employee forgets to clock in, the administrator can record the clock in and leave the clock out time open for the employee to register it when he/she is leaving. The Administrator can review if an employee forgot to check out using the Employee Status report.

  • How many employees can the application handle?

    The application can handle an unlimited number of employees. The limit is given by the license you purchase. The Professional version includes support for 50 employees. The Enterprise version includes 100 employees. You can also purchase additional user packs of 10, 20, 50 or 100 employees.

  • How do I know how many users I have left?

    Go to the Administration Menu and choose Add an Employee. Look at the lower area of this window, and you will find the title “Available User Licenses”. The number next to this title tells you how many employees you can still add to the application.

  • What happens when I reach the amount of users included in my license?

    You will not be able to register any more employees unless you delete some of the existing ones, or purchase additional licenses. Only the Active employees count towards the license limit. If one of the registered employees is not working for the company anymore, you have two options:
    1.- Change it to an Inactive employee: his information will be stored in the system, but will not be available until you change it back to Active. To change the employee status to Inactive, go to the Administration Menu, choose Edit an Employee, select the employee name, and change the Employee Status at the bottom of the window from Active to Inactive. Click OK to save the changes.
    2.- Delete the employee record: this will delete all the employee information, including all his/her time records. Once an employee is deleted, you cannot recover the information. To delete an employee, go to the Administration menu, choose Delete an Employee, then choose the employee name and click Delete. You will see a confirmation message.

  • Do the employees need to access the computer?

    You can setup the application for continuous scanning: with this mode the employees will only need to place their finger on the reader and the check in or check out will be registered. It is convenient that the employees can at least see the screen, so they can see the verification message that shows that the operation was registered. The application can also be set to play a sound (a .wav file) when an operation is registered. It’s also convenient that the employees can access the computer so they can see their time records through the My Punch Card report.

  • What happens if the fingerprint reader fails?

    If the fingerprint reader is not working correctly, the employees will still be able to clock in using their PIN numbers.

  • Can I buy the Basic Version and then add a fingerprint reader later on?

    No: the fingerprint support is not included in the Basic version. If you add a fingerprint device later the application will not recognize it. You need the Professional version to be able to work with fingerprints.

  • What if I don’t want to use fingerprints but I want to have network support?

    Then you need to get the Professional Version, software only. You can buy fingerprint readers later on if you want to enable the fingerprint support.

  • If I have a network with three stations, do I need to buy three packages of the applications?

    No, you can install the application on as many stations as you need within your network. The license only limits the amount of employees that you can have, but not the amount of stations. You would buy 1 package of the application and 2 additional fingerprint readers (about $ 149 each).

  • How is the overtime calculated?

    The overtime is calculated depending on the schedule that was setup for each employee, and the Time Accounting settings under the Application options. For example, if the extra time option is setup to Daily, and the employee schedule (assigned through the employee Group) shows that the employee needs to work 8 hours, the first 8 worked hours will be considered regular time, and anything over those 8 hours will be overtime.

  • Can I register the vacation and sick time in the application?

    Yes, the Administrator can record vacation and sick time used by the employee through the Edit Employee Time option.

  • Does the program work on MACs?

    No. At this time, the program is not available for Macintosh systems.

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