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    Frequently Asked Questions  
Here is a list of some of the Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Employee Web Time Clock. If you have any further questions after reading this page, you can ask for technical support by visiting the Support Page.
  • Does this program calculate payroll?

    Yes, Employee Web Time Clock calculates payroll, including overtime.

  • Which hardware devices can I use with the software?

    At this time, the only supported devices are the SecuGen Hamster III devices. In the future, there may be access to such hardware readers as Microsoft®, but not in the current version. In fact, the Microsoft® fingerprint reader is not available for use with time and attendance solutions. It seems that the manufacturer of the reader has an agreement with Microsoft® not allowing its use for time and attendance systems.

  • Can I install this program on a network?

    Yes, you can install it on any computer with a web browser and Internet connection.

  • The program is not accepting the fingerprint of a certain employee. What do I do?

    If the program is not accepting a fingerprint, you can do the following:
    1.- Re-register the employee fingerprint to get an updated sample.
    2.- Include more fingers in the sample. Scan at least both indexes in order to have alternate fingers to authenticate.
    3.- If the previous fails (believe it or not, there are rare cases when the person does not have fingeprints at all), you can always specify that only this employee will be allowed to use password for authentication.

  • What happens if an employee forgets to clock in or out?

    The Administrator will need to record the clock in or out manually, using the Edit Employee Time option. The application does not perform automatic clock outs at midnight or at any time. If an employee forgets to clock in, the administrator can record the clock in and leave the clock out time open for the employee to register it when he/she is leaving. The Administrator can review if an employee forgot to check out using the Employee Status report.

  • How do I know how many users I have left?

    Login as an administrator an go to "Manage Employees". Look at the lower area of this window, and you will find the title “Available User Licenses”. The number next to this title tells you how many employees you can still add to your account. If you need additional users, you can order them in the section "My Account".

  • How is the overtime calculated?

    The overtime is calculated depending on the schedule that was setup for each employee, and the Time Accounting settings under the Application options. For example, if the extra time option is setup to Daily, and the employee schedule (assigned through the employee Group) shows that the employee needs to work 8 hours, the first 8 worked hours will be considered regular time, and anything over those 8 hours will be overtime.

  • Can I register the vacation and sick time in the application?

    Yes, the Administrator can record vacation and sick time used by the employee through the Edit Employee Time option.

  • Does the program work on MACs or Linux?

    Yes, Employee Web Time Clock works with any computer with a Web Browser. However, the fingeprint authentication function requires a Microsoft ActiveX Compatible Browser to operate correctly.

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